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2020 COVID participation guidelines as of 10/2020

**these are subject to change at any time please be sure to check back often**


  • Players may bring in their bags and get dressed in the locker rooms. Two locker rooms will be provided for each team, the coach will be responsible for spitting the skaters equally per room.
  • No showers as prompt departure is required to sanitize for next group
  • Team arrival 20 minutes prior to scheduled ice time and come in assigned entrance
  • 1 spectator per player UPDATE AS OF 9-16-2020:  This is a change.  As of the stated date permission was granted by NYS Regional Economic Development Commission to allow 50 participants and 1 spectator per participant, for shared ice including coaches.
  • Players MUST stay in locker rooms until ice is ready, no hanging out in the hallways


General Guidelines

  • Anyone who has any COVID symptoms, feels ill, or thinks that have come in contact with anyone that exhibits any of this is asked to stay home
  • Everyone must maintain the proper social distancing of 6 feet
  • All staff, skaters, coaches, and spectators must wear a mask while in the facility, except for on ice activity


Northtown Entrances

  • If your ice is on Feature or Olympic, please enter through the east entrance (flagpole)
  • If your ice is on Rink #1 or #2, please enter through the west entrance (hotel side)
  • Change as of 10/2020 - 

    As part of the phased re-opening plan of the Northtown Center at Amherst we are pleased to announce that we are no longer leaving the entrance doors locked.  The exit doors will still remain locked and patrons must not enter through exit doors.

  • Late skaters, coaches, or spectators will not be allowed into the facility
  • All must exit the facility 15 minutes after ice session ends

 Tempature Monitoring - new as of 10/21/2020

  • Coaches, players and participants should proceed to the designated waiting area
    • Designated Waiting Areas
      • Rink #2 – Along the wall of the hallway when you enter
      • Rink #1 – Inside the facility at the front of the concession area
      • Feature & Olympic Rinks – To the right of the stairway when you enter
    • Once all of the patrons are at the designated waiting area they will use the temperature check station unless they are a Rink #1 patron (please see below)
  • All patrons are now required to use the temperature check station at the entrance
    • Rink #2 patrons must remain along the wall to allow Rink #1 patrons to proceed to the temperature check station
      • After using the temperature check station the Rink #1 patrons will gather in the designated waiting area in front of the concession stand
    • Feature & Olympic Rink patrons will wait for their coach/instructor and then use the temperature check station and proceed to their designated locker room or skate changing area
    • The temperature stations are for monitoring purposes and there are no recorded images
    • If someone has an abnormal temperature reading they will be allowed to re-test. If they have a 2nd abnormal reading they must leave the facility immediately.
    • Masks should be worn when testing
    • If someone has eye glasses they should be removed before testing
AYH House Schedules

Looking to find AND PRINT your House Team Ice Schedule?

1) Click on the Team tab at the top of the page.

2) Use the drop down arrows in the middle of the page to select your "League", then "Team".

3) Each House Team practice and game schedule is listed on the individual Teams Home page.

4) A NEW Printable House Ice Schedule is now available on each Teams Home page also!

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