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2020 Travel Coach Application


Travel Coach Application Announcement


Amherst Youth Hockey is currently accepting coaching applications for our Travel program for the 2020-2021 season.


What Amherst Youth Hockey offers:


·      Great facility for practice and home games at the Northtown Center

·      No restrictions on player residency

·      Video / conference room for player education

·   Relationship with Proformance Sports training located at the Northtown Center for off-ice player strength and conditioning

·   Hockey Director to assist with coaching and player development on and off the ice

·      Goalie Clinician to assist with player development 

·      Weekly goaltending clinics with professional instruction



What Amherst Youth Hockey is seeking in coaches:


·      Commitment to excellence and a vision to further the goals of Amherst Youth Hockey to be among the best in Western New York 

·      The ability to attract and retain players within Amherst Youth Hockey

·      A proven track record of player development on and off the ice

·      In depth knowledge of the game and the ability to translate previous skill and experiences to their respective players 

·      Strong communication skills oral and written


Those interested should complete the online application as provided on the website.  If interested our coaching selection team will schedule an interview.

Please complete this survey. Amherst Youth Hockey wants you and your child to have a great experience. All responses are confidential.

Please complete this survey as all replies are looked at to help improve our Travel Program. This information is used not only in the coaching selection but it is also used to review our past season as ways of looking at our program. All replies are confidential unless you choose to put your name on the survey.